Monday, March 19, 2012

This is what I would like to do

This is what I would like to do.

1.  I would like to go shopping with Joy and Bethany and no children!  They don't know each other but we would have a blast!  We could try stuff on, eat cheesecake, take all the time in the world, not worrying about if our husbands are being inconvenienced or bored.

2.  I would like to fly to Mass to see Libby, her house and her girls by myself or with just Justin.

3.  I would like to go see Taylor Swift in concert with my Aunt Renee.

4.  I would like to stay up at Mom and Dad's and go swimming in the dark and roast marshmallows with my siblings.

5.  I would like to ride on my parent's boat and watch everyone ski and tube.

6.  I would like to work as a bridal consultant.

7.  I would like for my arms to stop hurting.

8.  I would like to go on a date with Justin to the cheesecake factory and then to a movie and get candy and popcorn and then go back for dessert at the cheesecake factory :)

9.  I would like to drink pop that has caffeine in it.

10.  I would like to go shopping with Libby and pick out clothes for her to try on.  She's so pretty it would be fun to play dress up with her.

11.  I would like to watch tv.

12.  I would like to sit and read for a few hours by myself in the quiet.

13.  I would like to go somewhere on an airplane, figure out flights, layovers and stuff and then stay in a sweet hotel with Justin.

14.  I would like to lay out on Saylorville beach in a new swimsuit that looked awesome and that didn't cost $100.

15.  I would like to go to a pet store and play with puppies.

16.  I would like to go wedding dress shopping again and take ALL DAY.

17.  I would like to have a box of chocolates under my bed just for me :)

18.  I would like to own all the Twilight books and have time to read them.

19.  I would like to ride in a boat with Justin, either a canoe or regular boat, doesn't matter.

20.  I would like to have a close relationship with God and be able to maintain it.

21.  I would like to have people believe me when I say things, or take what I say seriously.

22.  I would like to have a lot of money and a little girl to play dress up with.

23.  I would like to be able to take walks or bike rides in the evening with Justin.

24.  I would like to have money to buy a bunch of really nice shoes so I always have the perfect pair for the outfit.

25.  I would like to have a clothing budget of at least $100 a month :)

26.  I would like to have a clothing budget of at least $100 a month for the boys :)  (Micah looks sooo cute in skinny jeans!)

27.  I would like a magnolia tree in my yard and I would like for the ugly mustache to be gone.

Now you know me :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gotta share

So I was clipping coupons the other day and came across some good ones.  At Kmart, where I never ever shop, they have a deal that goes like this.  Buy 2 Hillshire farms lunch meat packages for $5 and get a loaf of bread and a package of cheese slices for free!  Sweet.  Well so I went there and they were out of meat but darn it I'm going back tomorrow.  Oh and I also printed off a coupon for hillshire farms lunch meat, $0.55 off so I'm gonna pay $4.45 for all that!  I did score another deal while I was there.  Two boxes of Nabisco crackers for $2.76!  I got a full size box of Ritz and a box of those cheese sandwich crackers!  They are on sale for $1.88 when you sign up for their rewards program and then I had a coupon for $1 off two boxes!  YAY!

Then I was at Menards (aka the Man store) the other night and got paid for buying shampoo and conditioner!  I paid $36 at the store then I'm getting back $36 in rebates and they were having their 11% off sale and they took it off the $36 that I paid!  So I'm getting almost $40 back in rebates!  And trust me, we'll use it!

If you're wondering the shampoo is pry still free.  The Kmart deal goes through March 3 if you want to check it out.  Oh and I swung by Hy-vee for some deals last night and found an Edwards turtle pie for $1.99 it is delicious!

Oh and I found a good easy to use website for coupons.  Have any of you found any good deals you'd like to share?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

weird day

What a  rough day!  Poor baby Jacob is so sick.  I took him to the dr yesterday and they said he has croup so they gave him steroids for his throat.  Then I also told the pediatrician about this thing that he does with his eyes.  I had taken a video of it and brought it along.  She showed it to two other pediatricians and they are all stumped.  She's now trying to get ahold of a pediatric opthamologist (sp?) who recommended that she get a urine sample.  So today we went back to get the urine sample.  Wow, if you thought peeing in a cup is bad...  So they put a little bag over his peepee and it kinda suctions on and then you just wait til he pees.  Well, my very miserably sick Jacob, coughing, sniffling Micah, and I sat in a gray room with minimal toys for at least an hour, no pee.  By the end both boys were crying and I was pretty close.  The sweet nurse came in and said just go home and bring the pee back in this cup later.  Lol so Jacob is now napping, I don't know if he's peed yet,  hopefully if he has it's staying in the bag.

On a happier note my darling husband came to the office as we were leaving and carried the heaviest of us to the car, put Jacob to bed and got Micah a video.  So now, for a moment I have peace, I'll let you know how the transfer from bag to cup to dr's office goes :)